Generally Awesome presents
Dr. Dre Career Highlights in 30 Seconds
Death Row to Aftermath

A 30 second spot focusing on Dr. Dre's career highlights as record label cheif.

Death Row records had a very rough image and some tough dudes. Most notable among the tough guys was Suge Knight. It is understandable that after the deaths of Biggy and Tupac and all the other crazy rap stuff of the late 90's that Dre would want out of Death Row.

After leaving Death Row, Dr. Dre emerged as the head of a new record label with Interscope records. Death Row bit the dust a few months after Dre left. The new label, created in 1998 was an almost instant success with the huge sales of the newly signed artist Eminem. Em's single The Slim Shady LP garnered a lot of attention and generated a lot of sales.

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