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Eminem & Dr. Dre & Xzibit
What's The Difference? (Piano Version)

This video shows a kid tapping out a hip hop beat on a piano keyboard. The beat sound like it could be from Dr. Dre or Xzibit or Eminem. Can you tell the difference?

It should be no surprise that Em and Dre have similar sounds. After all, Dr. Dre was the one who helped discover and cultivate Eminem's talent. Dre even produced tracks for Mr. Marshall Mathers. The influence is clear, therefore it is easy to swallow the fact that Slim Shady and Dre have some beats in common.

Xzibit has been featured on some of Eminem's tracks in the past. There is some relationship there, so clearly there is another opportunity for some cross polination of sound.

Whether or not you can pin-point whose sound this really is, that is not really what matters. It is pretty impressive that this kid with the keyboard can emulate these types of sounds. It takes a good ear and a musical mind to be able to figure that kind of a thing out and then be able to synthesize it and spit it back out on the keyboard like that!

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