Generally Awesome presents
Reebok Commercial!
Starring 50 Cent and Featuring G-Unit Sneakers!

Reebok and 50 Cent signed a huge deal some years back when they teamed up to make and market G-Unit brand sneakers. The G-Unit brand includes many other products like clothing, accessories, etc.

Beside being a great rapper and hip hop artist, Fiddy is a pretty shrewd business man. He has a flair to know what sells, and to know what he can put his name and image behind to make it sell even more.

The merchandising of rap and hip hop artists has become a pretty large trend in recent years. Inner city audiences have responded to the target merchandising and marketing efforts and the pay offs have been huge for those with such ventures.

While not the first to cross his brand over from music to other products, 50 Cent and G-Unit are certainly one of the major players now.

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