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50 Cent Catches Bootleggers!
Rich dudes gettin' richer off Fiddy's music!

It is pretty funny seeing some white dude in tuxedos playin' like they are buying and selling bootleg copies of CD's by 50 Cent.

While humorous in nature it does offer some interesting commentary on severy social realities. First, everyone is trying to get rich off rap music. Many white people, though not out on the street hustling to sell copies of CD's like bootleggers, are making bank from the talent of black stars like 50 Cent. It is by showing such an artificial and anachronistic imagery that we see realities such as this re-inforced.

Would 50 Cent care if he saw some dudes on the street corner selling knock-off G-Unit gear and bootleg CD's? As a tool to perpetuate his tough image of policing his domain like a hawke, this video is effective and playful.

When you are a hot commodity, everybody wants to get a peice and see if they can't get something out of it! Obviously these old white dude don't need the cash.

50 cent has got to keep this rap game in a choke hold by any means necessary.

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