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Music Video Mistakes from Snoop Dogg!

Snoop Dogg stars in this music video mistake. This is not any huge mistake, and to notice this on your own you probably have way too much time on your hands for watching videos.

In a case like this it is obviously not Snoop Dogg's fault. On a video shoot the performing artist (in this case hip-hop artisit) just follows the directions from the music video director and their crew. Something like this is the fault of the crew.

This ain't no thang and does not at all dimish the street cred of Snoop, one of the greatest og gansta hustlas on the planet.

Snoop Dogg was raised in the mean streets of Cali and flows like it ain't no thang. He can't be tripped up by something so triffle as this. After all, don't forget that he has paid the cost the be the boss!

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