Generally Awesome presents
Amish Paradise!
by Weird Al Yankovic

This little ditty by Weird Al is a little dated in terms of the song that it spoofs, but it is still pretty funny on its own. The song is a parody of Coolio's 1995 Hit "Ganster's Paradise." The song, a Grammy winner for best hip-hiop song, was featured on soundtrack of the 1995 Michelle Pfeiffer film dangerous minds.

The original song has a sweet hook and epic language casting the struggles of inner-city life in a larger-than-life light.

Part of Weird Al's talent lies in the ability to take the song to a strange and foreign place. For mainstream pop-culture fed America the world of the Amish is such a place.

The irony lies in the fact that the song is presented from the point of view of an Amish. Seeing an Amish use rap to express himself is pretty funny. Add to that the fact that the tone of the music with all its wonderfully rich melodramatic mood is in sharp contrast with the down to earth description of the simple and plain existence for which the Amish strive. Add to that the word choices, instead of street language we hear scriptural language. Add it all up and there is a wonderful anachronistic thing going on.

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