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Pontiac G8
50 Cent Shows of the Special G-Unit Edition

Fiddy has a lot of sponsor deals to help promote products. This arrangement is just one of them. 50 Cent and General Motors have come together to help promote the hot GM car called the Pontiac G8!

Fiddy is used to the glamorous lifestyle and a fast and customized car goes right along with that image. The Pontiac G8 is a pretty hot car to begin with, but the aftermarket part additions and custom touches to the motor vehicle not only make it one of a king, but bring the whole thing to a completely new level! This car was shown at SEMA 2007 held in Las Vegas. It is a trade show for the after-market auto parts industry. This is a huge industry that has grown a lot in recent years in part because of the popularity of shows like Pimp My Ride on MTV.

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