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50 Cent & Marquis aka 25 Cent
50 Cent Cartoon about G-Unit Clothing

50 Cent is on top of his game, whatever the playin feild, whether you wanna talk about rap, clothing, or just straight hustlin'! 50 Cent excells with his crew G-Unit, who are inkin' deals with Rbk and selling clothes like it ain't no thang.

This cartoon featuring 50 Cent and Marquis aka shows the success of the G-Unit clothing label.

Not being one to let dust form, Fiddy plots out his next move, as the video shows. It also shows the good cash money that my man be makin'!

Even though the money is just a cartoon, it shows that 50 Cent has got mad money!

I like when the map shows where G-Unit clothing is already taking over. Now its the US, pretty soon it's the whole world!

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