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T.I. Has Beef w/ 50 Cent
No Literally, he has beef w/ 50 Cent

T.I. has beef with 50 Cent. This video is a reenactment of how he got it in the first place.

This video is pretty silly, taking literally the whole 'beef' and '50 Cent' things. Just a play on words, which as we know is one thing that hip hop music is all about.

The video is pretty slick in that it was clearly shot somewhere in the innner city (one parallel with 50 Cent)! Although who knows how many times it was shot? Perhaps, 9 times?

If I give away too much information, you won't need to watch the video. Let's let the video speak for itself, so just watch, chill, and enjoy.

Congrats to FDTV for this unexpectedly funny video.

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