Generally Awesome presents
50 Cent vs. Bill O'Reilly
On Comments about the Democratic Election Primary Between Clinton and Obama

50 Cent vocalizes a fear that more than just a few African American people and others have in the back of their mind as they try to decide who to vote for in the Democratic Primary election. The fear that Fiddy shares with others is that if Barack Obama wins the nomination and wins the general election to become president that there is strong possibility that someone will try to assassinate him due to his race.

50 Cent took flack from Bill O'Reilly for this comment, with O'Reilly using his normal moniker of "pinhead" to label anyone who he thinks is saying things that don't jive with his world view.

Fiddy's response to that remark is entertaining, and it shows that 50 Cent has more perspective in life than Bill O'Reilly would probably like to give him credit for.

The fact of the matter is that anyone who runs for president of the US or becomes president of the US inherently becomes a target for assassination, no matter their party or background. Since there has never been a black President in this country it is understandable that some people might fear the unkown. As 50 Cent describes his approach, this comes from a worst-case-scenario line of reasoning. From that perspective, the fear seems to not be totally out of line. But as with any of these kinds of disputes, it makes good conversation to fill air time for both parties.

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