Generally Awesome presents
50 Cent
meets conductor SHIMIZU MATZUKA

This video is part of the viral marketing campaign for Vitamin Water that shows 50 Cent getting involved with a Symphony Orchestra as guest conductor. The idea being that Vitamin water allows people to perform up to their full potential. For that reason the conductor in this clip mentions the song, "I can't do it, it can't be done!"

The conductor in this case seems to be a fictional one. Doing a search for "SHIMIZU MATZUKA" only brings up this video. But it would make sense for Vitamin Water to make up all the characters and conductors and such and hire actors to play them. That is because the target audience that 50 Cent is going to help draw is young and urban. This crowd would not recognize and would not care about having real names in the classical music world appear in these ads and therefore money spent to get these names would not give a good return on investment.

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