Generally Awesome presents
Fiddy Cent $50 Bill

Fiddy get moeny, we all know that, but does 50 cent get 50 dollar bills like this?!

In his hit single "I get Money!" 50 Cent clearly explained that he gets money. The only question is what kind of money does Fiddy get? Is this the kind of money he is talking about?

Money isn't everything, but a $50 bill in your pocket never hurt anythang! When you are a hip-hop artist everyone knows that you "gots to get paid." What better form of payment than a Fiddy Dollar Bill!

These bills are backed by the street cred of 50 Cent. The new 50 Cent $50 Bill is accepted everywhere in the hood, for all the thuggin activities that you need to transact. Pay all yo' debts, public and private!

This thang is off the hook yo!

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