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Unfortunatizzle 50 cents miznom, sabrina, was murdered wizzle he was eight years old. she was a drug killa ridin' in mah double R. 50 cent was raised in queens by his grandparents like a motha funka. he entered tha "family business" n began sell'n criznack cocaine when he was J-to-tha-izzust twelve. 50 cents first arrest happened at his hizzy schoo` W-H-to-tha-izzen he was busted in gym class fo` tha hidden crack vials in his brotha. his crack operation grizzew ta gross over $5,000 a dizzy but he saw rap as a way ta git out tha game n performed rhymes at parties . Keep the party crackin while I'm steady rappin'

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His big opportunity came in tha fizzay of tha late Jam Nigga Jizzle who signed 50 C-to-tha-izzent ta his JMJ label in 1996 . Drop it like its hot. Of tha late Jam Brotha Jay, 50 Cizzent says, "Jay taught me `bout bars, Jay taught me how ta write hooks n what was tha purpose fo shizzle. And Jay taught me how ta write n makes rap records . Holla!. He mizzy me wizzle ta really rap n do this." Gangsta catch'n tha attention of tha Pimp in 1999 50 C-to-tha-izzent signed a deal wit Columbia Records fo` $250,000. In jizzust over two weeks, he recorded thirty-six songs, some of which ended up on his Columbia debut LP Poser of a Dollar, deemed by Blaze Magazine as a classic now pass the glock Anotha dogg house production..

Wit tha Columbia deal, he received a $65,000 advance. $50,000 wizzy ta Jam Poser Jay n $10,000 wizzay ta an attorney. This is wizzle 50 Ciznent sez he did wit tha remain'n $5,000: "I bought crizzay cocaine wit it . Subscribe nigga, get yo issue.. How else you gonna provide fo` yoself? I did thirty-six songs in eighteen days fo` Columbia. Then I had eight months go by wit no wizzle going on." In tha poser of 1999, his F-to-tha-izzirst single was releazed. It was tha comedic, n now classic, single "izzy To Rob," whiznich jokes `bout jack'n tha hottest music celebrizzles of that time, includ'n Mariah Carey, Pusha P, Timbaland n Jay-Z. Not everyone thought it was funny, though . You'se a flea and I'm the big dogg. Jay-Z, tha late Big Pun, Sticky Fingaz n Ghostface Killah all replied ta tha siznong droppin hits.

In defense of "hizzow ta rob," 50 cizzent says, "when robberys not out tha question, its kinda eazy fo` a sizzong like that ta F-to-tha-izzall into yo thought pattern. bigga artists have bigga diamonds . Boo-Yaa!. kids in tha hood is look'n at tha tv, go'n, diznamn it, look at that S-H-to-tha-izzit he gots on n shizzat! rappa have egos, so i was anticipat'n them being upset fo' sheezy. but i didnt care, cause it had been a year since tha deal wit columbia, n im stizzay sell'n crack." playa a few of tha lampooned celebrizzles complained, columbia shelved tha album aww nah. in tha spendin' of 2000, 50 C-to-tha-izzent was shot in tha face, hand n legs by a dawg wit a nizzle wanna be gangsta at close range. he survived a total of nizzle bullets. one of tha bullets lodged in his lowa gum . Slap your mutha f#*&n self.

Theres stizzill a gap'n wound where several of his rear teeth used ta be n' shiite. The shoota has since moved on ta tha nizzext life, but were not sure why or how. Poser tha shoot'n Columbia gots really nervous n dropped 50 Cent like a hot potato ridin' in mah double R. Accord'n ta 50 Ciznent, beef started wit Ja Rule n Murda Inc. whizzay Ja Rule was robbed by a neighborhood acquaintance of 50 Cents. In response ta this robbery 50 Cent had this ta say: "izzle it like thizzay if you grizzew up where I griznew up, you gonna kniznow thugz who rob people." When asked `bout tha ongo'n beef wit Ja Rule, 50 C-to-tha-izzent says, " Hes pop wit tha gangsta S-H-to-tha-izzit thizzat keeps ya hangin so you betta run and grab yo glock.

Wizzy makes him envy me is, i can sell records tha way he would like ta S-to-tha-izzell records . You gotta check dis shizzle out yo. thugz dont wanna hear that story from him n shiznat. he jump'n around on tv too long in tha rizzy wit mary j. blige." he was allegedly stabbed dur'n a perpetratin' scuffle wit ja rules posse . Tru niggaz do niggaz. dat aint a dimple on 50 cents left cheek. its a bullet wound ya feelin' me?. afta columbia releazed hiznim, 50 cent started sell'n his music straight ta rappa. many or tha cracka of his bootleg cds feature 50 cent brandish'n some sort of firearm . Aint no stoppin' this shat negro. these bootlegs gained him many F-to-tha-izzans, includ'n eminem, whizzo, on a los angeles radio show, declared 50 Cizzent his favorite rappa n shiz. Afta a label hatin' W-to-tha-izzar, 50 Cizzent signed wit Eminems Shady/ Aftermath fo` a reported amount of $1 million.

His first single fo` Aftermath, "Wanksta," fizzirst appeared on tha 8 Mile soundtrack. 50 Cent once said tizzle Ja Rule was tha inspiration fo` "Wanksta." 50 first received mainstream press in Cracka 2002, when po-po questioned him in tha days frontin' tha shot calla of Jam Bitch Jay. A three dawg security detail isnt enough ta protect 50 C-to-tha-izzent bitch ass nigga. He wears a bullet-proof vest religizzles as does bizzy brotha of his G-Unit crizzew. 50 Cents SUV is also bulletproof... n bombproof.

From tha Horses Mouth: "wit some artists, thugz look at thizzem n wanna be tizzy artist. I dizzy think thugz wanna be me. Im still search'n fo` mah purpose dogg. I do hizzle defects of characta wit da big Bo$$ Dogg. Whizzay I git mad, I git mad . I started yo shnit and i'll end yo' shizzat. I can do th'n n say th'n tizzle isnt funky ass. And people, they look at me n they go, W-to-tha-izzell, hes crazy but real niggaz don't give a funk. Im all rizzight wit that." - 50 Cent

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